Parking Attendant (Medxcel Facilities)

Provides courteous assistance to patients and visitors as they enter or exit Hospital.
Duties include:
opening and closing car doors for patients and visitors as they enter or exit the hospital, greeting each person as they enter the hospital, assisting patients and visitors load and unload from their cars, providing directions, monitoring the driveway to facilitate traffic flow, maintaining a clean & safe environment at entrances, providing valet vehicle parking service to persons requesting the service, operating transport vehicles for patients, visitors, and associates, maintaining parking equipment and facilities as necessary to maintain optimal levels of performance, appearance, and safety.
Requirements Education and Work Experienceo High School diploma or equivalento One year valet, parking attendant, or parking maintenance experience in a service oriented parkingo Valid driver's license and evidence of insurabilityResponsibilitiesProvides valet vehicle parking service - 33%o Accepts vehicles from visitors and patients, obtaining keys and holding according to set departmental procedures.
o Maintains safe driving by obeying all traffic regulations.
o Avoids incurring traffic tickets for infractions of traffic ordinances.
o Consistently wears seat belt as required by state laws.
o Parks vehicles in designated areas, and retrieves vehicles when claimed.
o Collects correct valet parking fee from visitors and patients.
o Places fees collected immediately into department's specified Cash Box.
o Ensures that all fees collected in the Cash Box are received by the Supervisor daily at the end the shift.
o Notifies supervisor of any areas for concern and/or problems so that corrective action may be taken in a timely manner.
o Performs duties in an independent manner with minimal direct supervision.
o Demonstrates good rapport and cooperative working relationships.
Responds to co-workers with concern, cooperation, and respect.
o Is willing to adjust personal schedule in case of real departmental needDrives transport vehicles and maintain parking equipment - 33%o Operates transport buses and golf carts in a safe and courteous fashion, always obeying traffic laws while reaching destinations in an expeditious fashiono Performs regular inspections of transport vehicles and immediately reports safety concerns regarding this equipment to the appropriate management persono Maintains the appearance of equipment and facilities through regularly scheduled washing, cleaning, sweeping, and occasional paintingo Performs minor and routine maintenance procedures on transport vehicles that may include oil changes, lug nut tightening, tire inflation, and filter replacemento Drives parking transport vehicles to off-campus sites as necessary for additional service maintenance worko Operates deck sweeping and power washing equipmento Inspects parking gates, ticket machines, and card readers and addresses service needs either directly or through appropriate vendorCustomer service - 33%o Observes and courteously greets all persons arriving at the entrances and monitors their need for assistance; assists and/or directs as necessary to maintain a safe entrance area.
o Provides information and/or assistance to visitors and patients.
o Recognizes the highly visible nature of this position and strives in every way possible to promote a professional, competent, and caring image to all guests.
o Inspires confidence from patients, visitors and associates by performing and communicating in highly professional manner at all times.
o Strives in every way possible to facilitate the needs of the patients, visitors, and associates utilizing the entrances and driveways.
o Controls traffic and parking at entrances in a manner which prevents congestion, yet perpetuates a positive hospital image.
Knowledgeo Basic body mechanics to operate wheelchairso Ability to operate a variety of gasoline powered transport and maintenance motor vehicleso Ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skill necessary to provide patient care as defined by job responsibilities and performance standards in this job descriptiono Ability to communicate with people of all socioeconomic backgrounds in a congenial and hospitable mannero Ability to evaluate situations and make decisions based on sound judgmento Ability to switch between a multitude of parking functions while performing each at a level that maintains optimal customer service.

Don't Be Fooled

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